Hope for Home

Our first project, begun in 2014, delivered Namaste care at home for people with advanced dementia using trained volunteers in partnership with St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney.
Namaste is a Hindu word meaning 'to honour the spirit within' – something that becomes increasingly difficult for the person with dementia to express as their condition progresses.

Namaste Care is one way to continue to connect with the person's likes, interests and life experiences to really honour the essence of who they are.

Inspired by the work of Professor Joyce Simard (now a Patron), we used trained volunteers in the London Borough of Newham to give hand massages, to gently comb a person's, to deliver aromatherapy, to provide reminiscence and to offer special treats.

These processes contributed to ensuring quality of life.

Our work providing support for family carers of people with advanced dementia in their own family home, had never been attempted before because the notion of using trained volunteers to deliver Namaste to people with advanced dementia living at home seemed too risky a notion.

Our partnership with St Joseph's has been extremely fruitful and positive in every way.

We are proud to say that when our original funding ended St Joseph's readily took up the challenge to continue the scheme, which continues to be resoundingly successful.

This success has been very apparent to the local community, with word spreading rapidly about the positive impact of our work.

It was expanded into the neighbouring London Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets and continues now funded by the NHS.

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