Hope for Home

In February 2017, Hope for Home formed a new partnership with a St Cuthbert’s Hospice, Durham.
Namaste is a Hindu word meaning 'to honour the spirit within' – something that becomes increasingly difficult for the person with dementia to express as their condition progresses.

Namaste Care is one way to continue to connect with the person's likes, interests and life experiences to really honour the essence of who they are.

Our Trustees had been working with their (then) Admiral Nurse, Sharron Tolman, since Sharron attended our Namaste Masterclass in June 2016.

This masterclass, funded by Hope for Home, inspired Sharron to introduce Namaste care for people with dementia at home in her local area. Two of our Trustees worked with Sharron and her colleagues writing bids and project plans to secure funding for this project. Following successful bids to various Trust funds, funding was secured and this work, replicating our project with St Joseph’s, continues now.

In March 2018 we heard the fantastic news that our partner, St Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham, had received a promise of new funds to continue their Namaste Care project, providing support for people with dementia and their unpaid carers at home in her local area.

Two of our Trustees have been working with members of St Cuthbert’s to get this project started.

This project replicates our project with St Joseph's Hospice.

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