Hope for Home

Hope for Home is an independent organisation not influenced by any political, religious or commercial interest. We have our own values.

Respect for everyone Hope for Home deals with:

  • people with dementia and/or advanced Parkinson’s Disease and their carers
  • health and social care practitioners
  • other associated charities
  • the general public

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of home care available to people with dementia and their carers by influencing the practice of medical and health and social care practitioners.

Ensuring the quality of support and advice provided by Hope for Home by training staff and developing codes of conduct and protocols in partnership with Hope for Home service users.


Hope for Home will be honest about what support and advice we are able to provide and always signpost people to other agencies where necessary.

Hope for Home considers that each individual with dementia is uniquely worthwhile and special, requiring the best care and support. We aim to support those who wish to continue living at home with friends and family, and we wish to promote knowledge, best practice and to support others in developing expertise.

We will always try to be honest and impartial, giving advice that is best for that individual while accepting that sometimes this advice cannot be carried out by carers and families.

Commitment to the Principles of Equality and Diversity

For Hope for Home equality and diversity are integral to the organisation. Its Trustees come from backgrounds of varied and differing faiths and beliefs and Hope for Home has a working culture that recognises, respects and values those differences, harnessing them for the benefit of the organisation. Hope for Home will defend the equal opportunities of people with dementia and/or advanced Parkinson’s Disease to have the choice to receive care in their own homes or hospice-type care where this is more appropriate

In addition, we seek to advise people regardless of their race, creed, or colour. We will not tolerate bullying, abuse or bad practice or any other form of discrimination.

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