Grace, in her 70s, developed a multi-infarct dementia. She became very agitated and went into a nursing home.  Within two weeks she had lost weight, was bruised, distressed and ended up sitting on a dementia assessment ward. She called out repeatedly numbers from 97 to 100. Sitting in a basket chair it was difficult to see what could be done to… More →


John, Albert’s son, writes movingly about his experience of looking after his father who had dementia, in the family home. Hello my name is John Blowey My father, Albert Blowey sadly passed away on Sunday 17th June 2007 (Fathers day). At the age of 86. Our Family Dad was fortunate, he had a loving devoted wife Ellen, and a large… More →

Grace T

Grace T’s son-in-law explains how he and his wife looked after Grace and her husband in their busy family home, with their seven children. The Story. Soon after Grandma came to stay, my wife was admitted to hospital for 9 weeks very seriously ill. So we had Grandma, bed bound and barely able to talk with Grandad staying and our… More →


My Mum’s name is Lillian with two L’s, a point she always made and always corrected, she didn’t mind being called Lil but never ever Lily! Married with four children she always worked.  When we were younger she worked nights.  She did various jobs but the ones she loved the most was when she worked with children as a nursery… More →